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This is a dosage form that covers oil-based liquid or oil-based liquid containing powder in gelatin with a thickness of 0.2 mm to 0.5 mm, exhibiting excellent sealing and stability.
As for the coating agent, there are gelatins from cattle, pork, and fish.

- Types of Soft gel capsules -

Contents liquid is sealed with a gelatin coating during manufacturing of soft capsules, ensuring high stability and resistance to oxidation and degradation.
The surface boasts a smooth and shiny finish, enhancing its visual appeal.
The gelatin coating effectively masks the taste and odor derived from the contents, providing a masking effect.

- Packagings -

- Stand Out with API’s Unique Edge -

Reduce post-ingestion reflux odor and protect ingredients sensitive to stomach acid.
It is possible to fill soft capsules with powder ingredients at a high formulation exceeding 40%.

For products that contain ingredients with high moisture content and for products intended for export overseas.
By enhancing the dispersibility of active ingredients, it is possible to achieve further efficacy.
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