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Granule is a dosage form to enhance the drinkability and improve the mouthfeel of the powder. It is less likely to scatter compared to the powder, providing a convenient and easy-to-consume formulation. Additionally, the granular form improves its solubility in water and other liquids.

- Types of Granules -

With tablets, even if they consist of multiple pills, in the case of granules, they can be formulated into a single packet.
By preserving the natural flavor of the ingredients, it is possible to season them, allowing you to experience the flavor and taste while consuming.
Granulating enhances solubility and absorption compared to other dosage forms.

- Packagings -

- Stand Out with API’s Unique Edge -

Suggestions for various occasions – beverage type, soup, direct consumption, etc. We offer flavor recommendations to cater to different preferences.
Blending lived bacterial strains such as Bifidobacterium and lactic acid bacteria using is also possible.
One of our factories is certified with HALAL certification by NAHA (Nippon Asia Halal Association).
Capable of accommodating a wide range of capacities, from 1g to several tens of grams, to meet your requirements.
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